Friday, October 1, 2010

Apples Top

My sister asked me to if I could make her a top similar to one she saw being sold on FaceBook... I had one look at it and had ideas on how to do it at the back of my mind.
But it's only a week ago that I was able to put it into fabric and start sewing.
I originally had 2 meters of this stretch fabric and when I started cutting I realized that I have enough to make another top since I would just be using a meter of it for this creation.

Everything went well until I came to the flounce sleeves....

I originally cut a somewhat curved arch for this. However, I am not satisfied with the drape and how the flounce looks like. So I cut another arch, trying to avoid making a circle as that would mean I would be losing a big percentage of the left over 1 meter of fabric.
Unfortunately, that second arch went to waste as well. Giving up, I drafted a circle to use for the flounce, and that filled my satisfaction as to how it would look like. The sleeves does not look as long as the original photo since I could make a much wider circle than this is.
In the end, I have an awful lot of scraps from this fabric and ended up mustering a simple singlet out of the biggest chunk of what was left over. Nevertheless, I put the scraps aside hoping to use them for some fabric flowers or embellishments for my future projects.
I have sent photos of the top to my sister and she said liked it. She's currently 5 months pregnant and based in Kuwait and hoping that after the baby, this top would still fit her.