Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another JJ...

When my sister (who's based in Kuwait) first saw my creations, she instantly liked my pinstripe JJ blouse posted on BurdaStyle. And so, she asked me to make her one.

Luckily I have another pinstripe cotton fabric in my stash. I actually cut it months and months ago but kept it in my "to-do" box first. Now, after working on it for 3 weekends (on and off for a couple of hours), I already have a finish product...

This is photo of what it looks like while I'm working on it.

I used white pearl bridal buttons. I like this version more than the first one I did (obviously I've learned heaps over the years that I nailed this one better).

I hope my sister loves it as well...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Embroidered Kimono Top

This simple pattern is obviously my favorite. Not only is it simple to cut and sew, but it is also comfy to wear.

Unlike my previous one, this version is made of cotton interlock and a simple a-line lower bodice. There is a crochet peekaboo insert on the sides for a little texture (as the whole ensemble is really too plain). The lower bodice seems a little too short for my intended purpose but it is still wearable.

I also made a matching midriff singlet (not in the photo) from the left over fabric since I could definitely not wear it as is (with the plunging V-neckline and the big armhole).

After I considered it done, I reckon it was too darn plain. For 2 weeks, I contemplated on adding some simple floral embellishment on one side of the upper bodice. With the Anthropologie embellished shirts fad, I considered embroidery, bead works, self strips, iron-on print transfer or fabric flowers for the techniques. Obviously, embroidery and a bit of beading won. Embroidery and beading were done by hand.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the look, although I can't really say whether the embellishment made the top look better or worse.

A Pleated Tee

Inspired by knits and tees from Anthropologie and manipulation techniques from the famed sewing handbook "The Art of Manipulating Fabric", I decided to make a simple yet unique tee from 1 meter of cotton interlock fabric.

The base is from a free pattern that I have of a sleeved women's top. I had the design and construction running on my mind for a few days before I started actually making it. I traced the base pattern to craft paper which I slashed at a couple of places where I want the pleats to happen.

I loved the look of its front bodice after I pinned the pleats and put it up on the dress form.

At first, the only problem I had to fix was how off-the-shoulder it was. So, I pinned the shoulders up to take it in some more. That worked well, despite the fact that the way I finished off the neckline wasn't that nicely done. Then comes the finishing of the armholes -- that's when I blew up the entire thing.

I didn't like the way I attached the bias binding (didn't had the chance to take a photo of it), so instead of picking it entirely (because I've edged it and all as if it was already finished), I cut around it. I folded the edge back and finished it with decorative stitches. When I tried it on, my whole world collapsed. The armhole was just far too deep (or big...) for my taste. I placed it back on the dress form and stared at it while pondering whether I should shelf the whole thing and call it "learning from experience" or try to salvage it by doing some work around. And since I only have a metre of this fabric, my options were limited.

In the end, I managed to salvage it and half-heartedly accepted it for what it became. The top is still in the laundry basket and I haven't gotten around to taking photos of it. But once I did, I'll post it up here too...