Friday, February 5, 2010

Fabric Finds in Fiji

When we went to Fiji for a holiday, I planned on scoring some fabrics that have a "taste" of Fiji in it... And these are what I found...

Although not too pure "Fijian" (because it's more of Indian, but there are Fijian Indians, anyway) I bought this chiffon sari fabric with silver embroidery border. I like the style of it and the additional texture (might be difficult to see in the photos), it's got lines of rough strips running across the width of the fabric. They only sell this fabric in pre-cut quantities (I think this is 9m), because they commonly use it as a sari to wrap around themselves in various different ways. But, of course, I wouldn't be using it "their" way. When I will finally have the courage (for novices like me, chiffon is a difficult material to cut and to sew — very complicated) to work on the material, it would be nice to have a breezy blouse or a semi-formal dress (draped, maybe) made from this fabric.

Aside from "sari" fabrics they also have various cotton voile in "pacific island" prints (you know, big floral patterns in different colours). It didn't appeal to me that much. So as a second choice of fabric, I bought this uncoated cotton in traditional print, not for a dress fabric but more of for decorating. Back then, I have the vision of using it for furnishing or cushion cases.

Hopefully, on our next holiday (wherever that may be), I would be able to score some good fabrics or, if not, sewing bits and pieces like shell buttons or accessories.

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