Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Embroidered Kimono Top

This simple pattern is obviously my favorite. Not only is it simple to cut and sew, but it is also comfy to wear.

Unlike my previous one, this version is made of cotton interlock and a simple a-line lower bodice. There is a crochet peekaboo insert on the sides for a little texture (as the whole ensemble is really too plain). The lower bodice seems a little too short for my intended purpose but it is still wearable.

I also made a matching midriff singlet (not in the photo) from the left over fabric since I could definitely not wear it as is (with the plunging V-neckline and the big armhole).

After I considered it done, I reckon it was too darn plain. For 2 weeks, I contemplated on adding some simple floral embellishment on one side of the upper bodice. With the Anthropologie embellished shirts fad, I considered embroidery, bead works, self strips, iron-on print transfer or fabric flowers for the techniques. Obviously, embroidery and a bit of beading won. Embroidery and beading were done by hand.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the look, although I can't really say whether the embellishment made the top look better or worse.

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