Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Pleated Tee

Inspired by knits and tees from Anthropologie and manipulation techniques from the famed sewing handbook "The Art of Manipulating Fabric", I decided to make a simple yet unique tee from 1 meter of cotton interlock fabric.

The base is from a free pattern that I have of a sleeved women's top. I had the design and construction running on my mind for a few days before I started actually making it. I traced the base pattern to craft paper which I slashed at a couple of places where I want the pleats to happen.

I loved the look of its front bodice after I pinned the pleats and put it up on the dress form.

At first, the only problem I had to fix was how off-the-shoulder it was. So, I pinned the shoulders up to take it in some more. That worked well, despite the fact that the way I finished off the neckline wasn't that nicely done. Then comes the finishing of the armholes -- that's when I blew up the entire thing.

I didn't like the way I attached the bias binding (didn't had the chance to take a photo of it), so instead of picking it entirely (because I've edged it and all as if it was already finished), I cut around it. I folded the edge back and finished it with decorative stitches. When I tried it on, my whole world collapsed. The armhole was just far too deep (or big...) for my taste. I placed it back on the dress form and stared at it while pondering whether I should shelf the whole thing and call it "learning from experience" or try to salvage it by doing some work around. And since I only have a metre of this fabric, my options were limited.

In the end, I managed to salvage it and half-heartedly accepted it for what it became. The top is still in the laundry basket and I haven't gotten around to taking photos of it. But once I did, I'll post it up here too...

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