Friday, January 15, 2010

Crochet to Kill Time

I travel by train for 30-35 minutes and 20-25 minutes on the bus - ONE WAY! My trusty iPhone is my constant buddy as it plays my music and make me think less of the time. Then I get magnetized to creating simple crochet scarf and that is what I started doing...

I found this free pattern ( Beaded Cobweb Lace Scarf ) online and set out to work on it during my travel time. I didn't put any beads to it, but I might definitely make another one with beads (that is, if this one turns out a success). I'm using black (cotton?) yarn that I have in my stash for a year now. I hope this roll would be enough to make me a longish scarf for the coming autumn months.

I'm still a long way away, but I'll get there... I just hope I would get the patience to finish this one off. And if this one succeeds, I might just do another scarf that would be perfect for winter.

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