Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing Affair

Around one year and 4 months ago, my husband agreed on getting me a proper sewing machine. For starters, I mostly make cushion covers and tops which are very hand-made. I can clearly remember starting a few projects which ended up in scrap bin or being worn just once then put away in a "to donate" box.

Now, I am still a novice... I still start a a project or two that gets tucked away under a pile and never finished. But I am learning. I am building up skills enough to make the garments wearable. Thanks to practice and helpful sites like BurdaStyle where I started posting my finished creations. Other people's comments and liking of my stuffs inspire me to do better and create some more. And that I would definitely do - create some more clothes — for me and hopefully for my family as well.

See most of my finished creations posted at the BurdaStyle website.

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