Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Sewing Corner...

Just wanted to share a photo of my little sewing corner. I don't have a sewing "room", but I would love to have one at some point in the future. For now, though, this corner works well for me...

There's my trusty Singer 7422 which I got more than a year ago when it went on specials.

My sewing table with ample amount of storage area for my small tidbits and notions.

And then there is a small round glass-top fabricated steel side table that holds my magazines (Vogue - and some Madison ones) and a small vase with fake flowers (for aesthetic purposes).

And finally, my new dress form - which is a pre-birthday gift from my loving husband (we got it on 40% discount from Spotlight just a week ago).

I try to keep this area clean even if it is a working area for the simple reason that it is located just along the entrance hall from the main door. Strategically located near the master's bedroom, it's beside the lounge and a few steps away from the kitchen and the family area (plus I could over-see the kids running back and forth from their bedroom to the family room). None of the bedrooms have a tiled floor like this area here, and I think sewing and carpets don't really match.

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