Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to Likha!

The word likha (lik' ha') is a Filipino term for creation (noun) or to create (verb).

Everything that you will see or read in this blog are literally created by me - my words, my photos, my craft, my inspirations.

The blog URL is named likhabysevera - where Severa is my late paternal grandmother's name - a seamstress who I look up to when it comes to sewing. She was not a fashion designer or anything of popular labels, but I learned sewing from her and adore how she lived on earnings from her humble skills. Hopefully, someday, when I am good enough in sewing and would have a chance to make a label for myself it will be that - Likha by Severa...

Hope you enjoy visiting my blog and seeing sewing and life through my eyes...

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